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Yani Tseng 曾雅妮 - Par and Birdie

Yani Tseng 曾雅妮 - Par and Birdie English, baby! Video Lesson
曾雅妮 – 标准杆和小鸟球

Date: Sep 16 2011

Themes: Celebrity, Sports

Grammar: Zero Conditional


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Golf is one of those rare games where a lower score is better. Each hole has a number called par, which is how many strokes it should take to complete. If it takes you fewer attempts than par, you’re more likely to beat your opponents.

Not only are Yani Tseng’s scores low, but her age is, too. At 22, she is the youngest man or woman to win five major golf championships. This Taiwanese superstar is currently ranked number 1 in the world, and with the LPGA tour about reach Asia, she was happy to meet with us to discuss her experience learning English and share some useful golf terms.

曾雅妮不但得分低,而且年龄也小。她只有 22 岁,在男性或女性选手中,她是赢得五大高尔夫锦标赛的最年轻选手。这位台湾籍超级巨星目前世界排名第一,她将参加在亚洲举行的 LPGA 巡回赛,她欣然接受了我们的采访,谈论她学习英语的经历,并教授了一些有用的高尔夫术语。

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Jason:  Welcome to English, baby! I am Jason here with Yani Tseng. How are you?

Yani:  Good. Hi!

Jason:  We were hoping you could teach us some terms today. We’re gonna start with the term “par.”

Yani:  We have par 5 and par 4 and par 3, that’s like a long hole, short hole and middle and if that hole is a par 4 and we make 4, that means par.

Jason:  So each hole has a number of strokes that you’re allowed and that’s…

Yani:  3 or 4 or 5. That’s the most stroke we allowed. So we’re on par 3, and we make 3, that means par. If we make 2, that means birdie. If we make four that means bogey.

Jason:  OK, so if you’re one better than par, it’s a birdie…

Yani:  Yes.

Jason:  Birdie is actually an interesting term. Did you ever have a pet bird when you were growing up or did anyone in your family have a pet bird?

Yani:  No, but I went to the zoo and bought a bird keychain to put on my golf bag because that means now bird is my good friend and all the player loves bird so when I see that bird, I tell myself, I need to make birdies.

Jason:  I wanted to talk about learning English. When did you start learning English and when did you learn most of your English.

Yani:  Actually, I went to school last year, end of last year for three weeks and I think that helps a lot because I never learning English from a book. Now I learn more grammars and speaking learning and vocabulary more and I think it helps a lot for this year for sure. But the other way I learned English, just keep talking. Don’t be afraid to talk to people and that way you can learn a lot.

Yani:  English, baby!


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Yani learned most of her English from talking to people. She recently took an English course to help her learn more grammar and vocabulary, but she says the most important thing is not to be afraid to talk to people.

You can see Yani’s boldness on the golf course, too. She explains that the term par refers to how many attempts a golfer should use on a given hole. But Yani is always determined to be better than par. She even carries a bird keychain on her golf bag to remind her to make birdies, which are one stroke better than par.

Outside of golf, there are many idioms that use the word par. If something is on par with another thing, it means they are equal. If something is subpar it means that it is poor quality. Finally, you can describe something that happens regularly as par for the course. If you often have to work late, you could say “staying late is par for the course at my job.”
Have you ever carried an object to remind you of something or bring good luck? Describe something that is “par for the course” in your life.

To find out what Yani thinks of American food, visit our blog.



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Staying at home but do nothing is always par for the course when i have a holiday

01:21 AM Jul 11 2017 |



I’m proud of her.

12:16 PM Dec 21 2015 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i appreciate your endevour

u did the best to get success

i wish u the best luck

03:12 AM Jul 11 2015 |



It was surprising me that her pronounce is quite good for only three weeks. Am I misunderstood?

01:31 PM Mar 13 2014 |

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Russian Federation

In my life “par for the course” was coming back at home abroad of limited work time. I let alone so activity and I am on par with others now.

08:22 AM Aug 31 2013 |




01:22 AM Aug 01 2013 |




03:24 AM Jun 17 2013 |



Syrian Arab Republic

interesting lesson god bless u yani and make u have a lot of birdies

03:37 PM May 05 2013 |



it is hard to learn english

03:46 PM Dec 23 2012 |



Do not be afraid of talking!

05:03 PM Aug 10 2012 |




just talkCool

10:06 AM Jul 21 2012 |




Hope I can speak English as fluently as Yani. And it’s really incredible that she got that many championships quickly.

09:07 AM Jun 08 2012 |




low network speed

03:24 AM Apr 13 2012 |




wow!!曾雅妮!a chinese!!

06:30 PM Jan 19 2012 |



Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

I learned new terms today,this is an enjoyble.

10:18 PM Dec 07 2011 |




I was learning these trem before I play golf to pc but ı want to play golf

maybe next year  

02:37 PM Nov 02 2011 |




Par and birdie quiet interesting terms


09:47 PM Oct 19 2011 |




I could have never understood  this game. Now , I have a clearer understanding ,thanks to english, baby

01:57 PM Sep 20 2011 |

rania .mq

Saudi Arabia

?? how to use this?

09:32 AM Sep 19 2011 |



i wich i could play golf.

12:51 AM Sep 19 2011 |

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